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Welcome the Unofficial NaNoWriMo Livejournal community for NaNoWriMo 2008.

If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, check it out Here, though I assume most of you already know why you are here.

Layout will be prettied up shortly, just give me a little time.

People may feel free to post anything from introductions of themselves (though I caution you to keep personal information to yourself for your own safety's sake) to chunks of their stories, progress reports, or general questions/comments about writing.

Please LJ-cut your posts if they are more than 3-4 paragraphs, if they include chunks of text, or if they have huge images... This is out of consideration to other members and their friends-lists. Thank-you.

As we grow closer to November, I'm certain a wide variety of people with different talents will post here, and will provide you with an invaluable resource and guide to your writing.

Unless any post constitutes a major infraction of livejournal rules or people are just senselessly bickering, my presence will probably seem absent- this is partially because I will be busy with my own novel, and because I don't agree with heavy moderation/censorship. Please don't bring unneccessary drama here, this isn't a place for it... On the other hand, if some problem does occur or something inappropriate is posted- just drop me a line and I'll either remove the post or figure something out.

Finally a small note about next year, the group won't be 2009Nanowrimo (nor will 2010 or 2011), instead there will be an "S" at the end as someone has already reserved those usernames- some of them not even as groups, but personal journals. So when 2009 swings around, please remember to join 2009nanowrimos, since 2009Nanowrimo will not exist.

Feel free to join the community nanowrimo if you so choose, if you don't already know about it. They are in no way affiliated with us; however it's another common stomping ground on LJ for Nano-ers.

Best wishes & Good luck for NaNo 08.

~ NaNo07 ElJay Community Moderator.
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